On the road again…


…so to speak.

Actually, we  were in the sky today, flying to Deer Lake, Newfoundland, completing our set of 10 provinces.

We missed Nfld when we were PEI Bound in 2007 and are happy to have another chance two years later.

It was threatening a thunderstorm in Toronto so our plane left an hour late.  The flight was, happily, uneventful.  Not free of turbulence, but more like driving on a gravel road than riding a roller coaster.

We arrived in Deer Lake to the unsurprising discovery that this airport is built and operated on a human scale.  I’ve decided that this is what I mean when I call something civilized — it functions on a human scale. 

We picked up a nice fancy car with a GPS as a new toy for both of us.  We  would have happily travelled around Newfoundland on a train but they are decades gone and we are left with the roads or hopping around in pu ddle-jumpers.  We decide to drive.

So, drive we did from Deer Lake to Rocky Harbour where we have a lovely cottage-in-the-woods with all the mod cons.  The drive itself was mildly angst ridden as its very very curvy and hilly, only problematic because the rental car — a Chevy Malibu — has no pick up whatsoever and the road is heavily populated with very big trucks that want to go very fast.    The drivers were gentlemen, however, so we were none the worse for wear when we arrived in Rocky Harbour 67 km later.


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