So it was stinking hot and miserable in when we left Toronto, warm enough when we landed in Deer Lake and quite sticky when we woke up in Rocky Harbour on Friday.

When we got up in St. Anthony this morning, it was 5 C.  With 48 km gusts of wind, that made it -2 C.  We did not have enough layers to make it possible to go out on the whale and iceberg watching boat…. which probably didn’t go out anyway.

We dressed as warmly as possible and then spent most of  the day at Fishing Point where we saw whales and icebergs anyway, despite the rain, fog and wind.   Lovely people in the gift shop telling us stories about polar bears floating into town every spring on ice floes and showing us how to watch for whales, and an exploratory drive around St. Anthony.   We also had a fabulous lunch at Lightkeeper’s Cafe — fish and chips with fresh local cod and the best batter on the planet for me, pan-fried cod for Phil and the ubiquitous date square, with ice cream and partridge berries.  We’ll be going back.

A great day and, in some ways a genuine Nfld experience.  Weather can just be brutal here!


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