L’Anse Aux Meadows again


Our last full day in St. Anthony, we drive up to L’Anse Aux Meadows again.

We want to see Norstead and try the widely-admired Norseman restaurant as well as stop back at Dark Tickle, the economuseum where the native berries of Newfoundland are made into a variety of products using traditional methods.  We watch the berry jam making and sample teas and treats.

Norstead is a kind of Viking theme park, virtually empty before the full-on summer onslaught.  We meet Hrefna — her Viking name — who shows me nailbinding, a kind of protypical knitting, and reads the ruins for Phil and I.

We amaze her — and ourselves — because in our independent readings, two of the three ruins we blindly select are the same out of 26.   No idea what the odds against that are… something mathematically impressive, probably.   We both have good, positive readings.  The ruins we have in common are Journey and Harvest, plus I choose Gift.

We enjoy time — me more than Phil, likely — spent in the women’s workroom where we have the chance to spend some time with the interpreters who talk about their work there. 

The Norseman lives up to its reputation and more, a meal equal to any fine restaurant anywhere.

We get back to St. Anthony in time to experience The Great Viking Feast at Leifsburdir….more about that tomorrow.


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