Re: Corner Brook


We may be suffering from yesterdays all-day rain, terrible road conditions and 3 C temperatures this morning, but, all in all, we wouldn’t recommend Corner Brook as a tourist destination. 

We thought a couple  of days of urban Newfoundland would be interesting but it’s a terrible let-down after the glories of St. Anthony and Rocky Harbour and their surrounding delights.

It’s a sad town with very little in the way of urban attractions.  Shopping malls — our attempted refuge on a rainy day — are half empty.  Every high-end restaurant we attempted to visit was closed on Monday.  We tried to visit the Captain Cook Memorial but all we could see was a hard-to-navigate, unmarked Captain Cook Memorial Gravel Driveway overlooking — pleasantly — the whole bowl at the mouth of the river that holds Corner Brook.   Driving is not pleasant, either.  Most roads seemed to lack painted lines, I couldn’t find one speed limit sign and there are lots of unmarked one-way streets in the downtown area and at least 50 per cent of intersections are missing one or both street-name signs.

Even the persons working at the information centre couldn’t tell us what we should see here.   They shrugged then mentioned the memorial to Newfoundland’s railway — last passenger train in the 1960s, last freight in the late 80s, sadly missed — and the Captain Cook memorial.   We had visited the train exhibit on our first afternoon here and it was splendid.  We were so excited about Corner Brook until we realized we had already seen the best it has to offer.

Today, it’s freezing but sunny so we’re taking a scenic drive and visiting some craft studios … leaving Corner Brook behind before we head to Deer Lake for our last night in Newfoundland.


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